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WKL Star Ratings

All events organized and overseen by the World Kiteboarding League will be rated with WKL Stars.

The WKL awards stars to events based on multiple criteria. Among there are the benefits for riders, benefits for the spectators, and the amount of effort that is made to support the ideals of the Clean Ocean Project.

Examples of rider benefits are: the amount of available prize money, availability of on-site physiotherapy, healthy food, entertainment on windless days, etc. Benefits for spectators and fans are, for example, media coverage of the event, live streaming of the event over the internet, etc. Examples of efforts to uphold the ideals of the Clean Ocean Project are: cleaning the beach during and after the event, minimal use of plastic disposables, promoting environmental awareness, etc.

Events will be rated on a six point scale. The World Kiteboarding League will base the amount of promotion for an event on the WKL Star rating the event is awarded.

For more information on  organizing a highly rated event, please see the information for Event Organizers.