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2017 Freestyle Qualifier League

  • Apr 10, 2017 - Apr 10, 2017
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Event Details

2017 WKL Freestyle Qualifier (Mondial du Vent), Leucate, France 2017
April 10, 2017
Leucate, France

2017 Freestyle Qualifier League event

In addition to the WKL Freestyle Elite League event that will be held at Mondial du Vent from April 11 to Arpil 17 2017, Leucate will be host to the Qualifier League event for the 2017 WKL Freestyle Elite League. In this Qualifier event riders that are not yet pre-qualified can compete for a spot on the 2017 Freestyle Elite League Tour.

The 2017 Qualifier League event will be organized to determine which riders qualify for the 2017 Elite League tour. All non qualified riders will have to enter to have a chance to participate in the tour this year. The top 14 men and top 7 women riders from the 2016 WKL tour are already pre-qualified and do not need to register for this Qualifier event.

There are 9 open spots for men in the 2017 Freestyle Elite Tour schedule, and 4 spots for women. This will be the only qualifier event for the 2017 tour. In the course of 2017 two additional qualifier events will be organized for placement in the Elite league 2018 tour.

Riders that reach the top 9 for men and top 4 for women in this Qualifier League event, will have to join the complete 2017 Freestyle Elite Tour, by participating in all the events of the tour. Together with the pre-qualified riders, they will make up the 36 participants of the Tour.

The 2017 Qualifier League event will be held in Leucate, France at the event site of the Mondial du Vent event, and will start on April 10. The duration of the qualifier event depends on the number of registrants and has yet to be determined. The qualifier event will run until there is a result who are the 9 qualified men and 4 qualified women.

To register for the 2017 Qualifier League event, please see the Registration tab on this page.

Rankings & Ladders

The rankings and ladders for this event have not yet been determined.


Pre-qualified riders do not need to register for this event. Riders who are not yet qualified and want to compete in the Qualifier League event that starts on April 10th can find more information, and register by purchasing a qualifier ticket below.

Registration for the 2017 WKL Qualifier League event in Leucate is only possible through this website. Registration will be open until March 25. There is a maximum of 32 male and 20 female riders that can compete in the 2017 qualifier event. Registration is open for all riders, but if more than the maximum amount of riders register a selection will be made based on the restrictions for qualifier events as outlined in Appendix 3 of the official World Kiteboarding League Event Rules. (As reproduced below.) Registered riders that are admitted to the 2017 Qualifier event will receive a confirmation of their participation right after March 25. Riders who have registered and bought a ticket for the 2017 Qualifier event but who cannot be placed due to the restrictions will be refunded their ticket fee after March 25.

Restrictions for participation in the 2017 WKL Qualifier event

  1. Riders that were qualified and participated in one of the 2016 WKL main events have priority over riders that did not.
  2. Riders that finished in the top 3 of national events in 2016 or 2017 have priority over riders that did not.
  3. All competitors must have reached the minimum age of 16 before the start of the first main event of 2017 (April 11, 2017).
  4. If a greater number of riders register for the 2017 Qualifier event then the total number of available spots, the following restrictions based on region apply:
    1. A maximum of 3 male and 2 female riders from Brazil, Spain, France, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom.
    2. A maximum of 2 male and 1 female riders from Belgium, Germany, Russia, Poland, Italy, Austria, Mexico, the Dutch Antilles, the USA.
    3. A maximum of 1 male and 1 female rider from Switzerland, Morocco, Egypt, Mauritius, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Slovenia.

Order your ticket for the 2017 Freestyle Qualifier League Event

Riders that meet the criteria outlined above can order a ticket for this event directly through this page. To order your ticket simply click ‘add to cart’ in the ticket overview below. Once the ticket is added, go to your cart to pay for your ticket with PayPal. You will receive a confirmation of your registration, as well as a download link for your ticket at the e-mail address you provide during checkout of your ticket purchase in the cart page. For questions you can contact us at 

Getting There

For information on how to get to the event, please see the page on the main event.


For information on accommodation in the vicinity of the event, please see the page on the main event.


For more info regarding the media for the Mondial du Vent event, please see the page on the main event.