WKL Cumbuco – Day Three

WKL Cumbuco – Day Three

An unfortunate change in wind conditions made it impossible to complete any of the competition today. Skippers meeting was held at 7.30am with the hope of being able to initiate the heats early, but unfortunately this was not possible. 

The wind did not arrive, but that did not stop the crowds from heading to Duro Beach to enjoy the great atmosphere and to mingle with the best freestyle kiteboarders in the World. 

For the livestream, we went behind the scenes to show the people at home more about our impressive event site, and what the riders get up to while they are waiting for wind. You can re-watch all of it on our facebook page. 

The first possible start for tomorrow is 8am. The sequence will be to complete Heat 4 Round 1 for the Men, followed by Round 1 of the Women. Stay tuned for plenty more!

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