Mikaili Sol Joins World Class Kiteboard Academy

The World Kiteboarding League is working hard to invest in the future of the sport, and has for some time been searching for ways to combine academics with the sport, and to work towards helping younger, talented athletes combine their education together with their athletic career. This has lead to the WKL building up a partnership with the World Class Kiteboard Academy. 

The World Class Kiteboard Academy is the world’s first and only accredited private high school for international kiteboarders.  The school has it’s headquarters in White Salmon, Washington in the Columbia River Gorge but the school is truly mobile, with the students traveling for the full 26 week school year divided into four quarters / two semesters.  

For the 2017-2018 Academic Year, Mikaili Sol, one of the very talented up and coming riders from USA/Brazil, who is only 12 years old, will be joining the World Class Kiteboard Academy team. They will be travelling to Hood River, USA, Northern California, Brazil, Cape Town, Sicily, Dakhla and Tarifa.  Mika will join 15 other student athletes from all over the world but will be the youngest student in the academy, as well as the first student to come from this new alliance between the World Kiteboarding League and The World Class Kiteboard Academy.  During this time, Mika will also be competing in the WKL Qualifier League Events in both Texel and El Gouna, Egypt. 

The new alliance between WKL and WCKA will provide talented athletes like Mika the opportunity to continue with their education, whilst gaining the best kiteboard training experience and being able to attend all of the WKL Qualifier League competitions. 

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Gemma Hendra