World Kiteboarding League – New Caledonia Day Four

Dates: 14th to 20th December 2016
Hotel Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & resort.

Today saw a solid four hours of non-stop freestyle action here in New Caledonia. Women’s Round 3 and 4 were completed as well as men’s Round 2, before the tide dropped down and competition was called off for the day. 

Women’s Round 3 Heat 5 started once again with fairly light wind conditions. The athletes were using 10m to 13m kites and had to fight to gain speed and height for their tricks. After four tricks per rider the judges decided to postpone the heat due to the dropping winds. Bruna Kajiya was in the lead with a good Front to Blind, and she was followed by Annabel Van Westerop who showed solid riding throughout. The heat was resumed after a 45 minute break as the wind speed increased. This enabled the girls to put on a great display of powered tricks. It was Kajiya who won the heat earning her a place directly in the finals, and local rider Maureen Castelle passed through to the next round alongside Annabel Van Westerop

For Heat 6 it was Hannah Whiteley from the UK who reigned supreme, landing a great KGB and Back Mobe despite tangling her kite lines in the middle of her heat and having to change equipment, earning herself a spot in tomorrow’s finals. Paula Novotna and Rita Arnaus placed 2nd and 3rd earning themselves a spot in the next round. 

The last Women’s heat of the day saw 4 girls fight for one last chance to join Kajiya and Whiteley in the finals. All four athletes put on an insane display of powered KGBs, Heart Attacks, Slimchances and Hinterberger 3s but it came down to Annabel Van Westerop and Paula Novotna who managed to just place themselves above the others. They were delighted to be joining in the Women’s Final that will take place tomorrow. 

Men’s Round 2 Heat 5 saw Spanish rider David Tonijuan lead the heat with a powered 317 and Heart Attack, executed with commitment and style. He was closely followed by Paul Serin who landed a good Slim5 and Back Mobe 5. Both riders passed to the next round. 

Stefan Spiessberger dominated Heat 6 landing a 317 and a Backside 315, and he was followed by local rider Arthur Guillebert who showed great power and style but crashed his last three tricks. Both pass through to Round 3.

Our live stream was once again running from 9 am through to 5pm allowing everyone to enjoy every minute of the action. We will be back once again tomorrow morning at the same time.  

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Gemma Hendra