Welcome to the Maitai Freestyle Invitational Cabarete 2016!

As the World’s best kiteboarders start to arrive to Cabarete, we take a look at some of the points that will set a new level in competitive kiteboarding.

The WKL have introduced a new concept; all the events will be rated by stars. The minimum stars that an event can get is 3 and the maximum is 6. The rating is based on the what the National events are doing for the riders, fans and for the Clean Ocean Project.

The Maitai Freestyle Invitational is the first event that is ranked by the WKL. This is based on all of the benefits that they have organized for the riders such as free accommodation, healthy food, physio etc.

We are also happy to announce that for the fans we will have a high standard live stream broadcast through Facebook thanks to Case Productions who will be responsible for the video production. There will also be a special drone team during the event. For the spectators, there will be a digital scoreboard so the fans can follow the live score!

For the Clean Ocean Project, they are doing the maximum. The event will use the minimum amount of plastic possible, and they will be auctioning a painting by the local artist Samantha Chilvers, which will raise money for the cause.

Based on all this, the Maitai Cabarete event will be awarded a 5 star rating. The WKL are extemely happy to have such a high standard event to start of this new and exciting period!

The event will be starting shortly, so stay tuned for all of our updates, live stream and live scoring!

WKL Media


Gemma Hendra